A Meal On Me

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A Meal On Me

scary“Did you hear that this building used to be a mental institution?” Jeremy grinned, as he walked toward his class.

“Well, the peeling green paint, and dim lighting doesn’t make this place very welcoming,”  Brad replied, “I’d hate to take night classes, here.”

Jeremy swung the door open. “Welcome to the Jeffrey Dahmer cafeteria! Anybody hungry?!”

“Take your seat!” Mr. Newell glared at him.

“Can you believe that the extra credit  for our culinary class has to be done in sub-basement 3?”

“All we have to do is serve meals to the homeless,” Jeremy chimed in.

“All these tunnels scare the hell out of me.”

“I bet they did lobotomies down here,” Jeremy winked at his friend.

“Are you freakin’ serious?! I’ve got to wait an hour, and a half for another bus!” Jeremy said to himself, as he cleaned out the fridge. “The last guest left. I don’t think anyone would care if I finish off this last plate of food.”

He pulled the saran wrap from the plate, and devoured the meatloaf. “Damn, this is good!”

The next day, Jeremy approached Mr. Newell. “You’ve got to tell me what’s in the meatloaf.”

“Trust me sir, you don’t want to know.”

Jeremy asked several of his classmates, but no one would respond.

A month later, Jeremy overheard a horrifying news broadcast. “The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum couldn’t find placement for all its patients. They were running out of time. The facility was scheduled to be shut down in 3 days. Instead of spending the extra money to house a group of patients,  the staff decided to sell them as “meat,” on the black market.

When asked to comment, one of the staff members replied, “These patients had requested to be eaten, anyways. What’s the big deal?”



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